Wisdom is a universal thing.  Wisdom can’t be claimed by any culture, nor by any person.  It’s available at all times, in all places.  It takes neither skill nor effort to know; wisdom alone is the guide to wisdom.  That’s why the best guides are the wise themselves: they know wisdom already, and are best placed to help us in our quest.  It would be folly to seek wisdom without first asking the wise!

This is what Woden did when he first realised that, out of all the many things in all the many worlds, wisdom was the one thing worth seeking.  He went down to the well at the root of the world tree – that great baum known to all, whose leaves hold each a million universes.  There he asked the keeper for a drink from the source of life itself.  The keeper showed that to drink from the well of truth was to become blind to the world of illusion.  Woden, harbouring no fear, gave his eye for that drink: and in the giving of that eye alone, he showed he was wise.


Willy Pogany

There are wisdom traditions amongst all races of the world, and there have always been such traditions.  Yet over time, in different circumstances, some of them have become obscured.  Our own indigenous European tradition was largely wiped out, all traces of it subsumed into a heavily politicised form of self-styled “Christianity.”  As such, we were temporarily kept out of touch with our deeper tribal understanding, our natural way of life and living in this world.  Now, with the binds of “Christianity” firmly undone, many thousands are returning to their ancestral ways: but the core of our tradition, the wisdom that fed its roots, is slow to be unveiled.  The work is definitely being done, though: this website is but one of many examples of the awakening of the collective European mind.  May there be many more to come!

This author, like many, has been led on a trail of discovery by none other than our people’s most celebrated figure: the divine dancer, the wind-warrior, the spell-binder Woden.  He who carried our dead from the grey field to the gold hall; he who taught us to sail, to sing, and to sign; he whose unending quest and fondest joy is the true path of all his progeny – the pursuit of wisdom.  These pages are collections of writings and other works that are inspired, directed by, or directed towards Woden’s Wisdom.  If anything can be done at all, it’s hoped that a glimpse of the glory made known to this writer might shine forth in such words as are wrought here – for these words, like all others, come first from Woden.  I pray only that they don’t catch in my mouth as I speak.