Whatever has been said has only ever been one of two things: it’s either been descriptive, or instructive.  Either we’ve been talking about something – detailing its properties, its uses, its history, our thoughts about it – or we’ve been directly pointing to something, pointing it out immediately, without saying anything about it.  What will be written here will largely be of the latter sort.  The topic of our discussion here is wisdom.  Wisdom is the capacity to reckon the truth now.  There is no method; there is no way.  There are no necessary experiences.  If anything is required, it is simply that you exist.  Existence itself merits wisdom, for being is wisdom itself.

There’s nothing that you can say about the truth, because the truth must be true before anything can be said at all.  One cannot paint a canvas blank.  Only when the film runs out does the light of the projector illumine the screen itself.  Even the entire universe cannot contain space; rather, space is what contains the entire universe.  Thus we can see that no content can ever frame the reality: the reality is ever beyond the grasp of the things which appear in it.  Whatever comes and goes is clearly not of the nature to be able to reckon that which is neither coming nor going.  Nonetheless, by understanding at least this much, there is the capacity for us to come into direct communion with the unchanging, all-pervasive reality, not by grasping it as an object unto ourselves, but by losing our own subjectivity in its absolute being.  (For this reason alone is all this being written.  If anything of this can propel someone in this direction, it’s worthwhile.)

Nothing that will be written here will be intended to inform you about anything.  Whatever there is of descriptive content is meant only for the purposes of immediate illumination: once it’s served its purpose, it’s to be discarded without a second thought.  There’s no need for a belief system to be developed.  There’s no need for a single idea to take root in the mind.  What we’re talking about here is so fundamental, so unassailable, that even the meekest thought is too arrogant.  The very thought “I,” the notion that there is someone who exists, is an obscuring illusion!

The reality is immediately accessible.  No-one can get to it.  How do you come to the place where you already are?  How do you arrive at your current location?  You can’t.  Arrival implies travel; but you can’t travel “here.”  All journeys begin “here” and end “there.”  No journey can take you from “here” to “here.”  There is no distance to travel.  Thus it can also take no time.  What is it that is immediately available to you that takes no time?  No action needed, no movement necessary; not even the flicker of a thought can get you any closer to the absolute, all-defining reality of the universe.

This should be clear: if the reality is real anywhere, it must be real everywhere, at all times – else it wouldn’t be the reality, merely a temporal, limited representation.  So as real as anything can be, where you are, even what you are, must be real.  Is anything so intimate to us as our own being?  The clearest way to understand the reality of all things is to reckon one’s own reality: for this is the reality by which any other thing is known to be real.  First I know that “I” exist; only then can I know that “you” exist.  I cannot hope to know “you” without first knowing myself as the knower.  But without knowing the reality of this “I,” how can I hope to know the reality of “you?”  Our quest for wisdom begins immediately at the very one who would find it: and reason, intuition, and the experience of the wise all point towards the end of the quest being not one step in any direction.  The entire quest for wisdom is to be undertaken here and is to be finished here, where we are.  The object of investigation is ourselves: for anything else that we might investigate would leave us with the question of ourselves, the investigator.  Knowing the truth of ourselves, the investigator, we will be in the best position to know the truth of whatever we should choose to investigate.  Is this not wisdom?  Let’s not dally any longer but charge on with our enquiry.

World Tree


Questions of the false appearance – of the millions of worlds, of the human form, of psychology, magic, even of religion – these can be answered later if our thirst isn’t already sated by the full exploration of the truth that is directly apparent.  For now, we must contend with the question of the real and its appraisal.  We begin with ourselves because the reality of anything else can only be known by our own reality.  Thus all things other than ourselves are left for a later date.  If there’s a desire to understand how this world works, then that desire can be sated in the light of the wisdom of self-knowledge.  With this light, there will be no confusion; there will arise no misunderstanding as to the nature of things.  Without this light, the worlds and their ways are sources of confusion and misapprehension.  This is why we go through with the basics before even thinking of moving on to other things.  Woden himself worked in this way: first he sought the direct wisdom of self-knowledge; only then was he gifted knowledge of the runes.  If it had been the other way around, he might have wreaked great havoc with worldly knowledge wielded witlessly.  The reality is the intelligence of intelligence: it knows what is best.

Some of you will be immediately spurred into natural self-investigation upon hearing such things as are written in this post.  But others may not fully comprehend the import of what is written yet.  This is fine – all will come to it in time.  Each mind is unique in its expression, though the essence is universal.  What is sure is that all are destined to comprehend this mystery, inasmuch as it can be “comprehended”.  This is because this mystery is the place of our birth.  As such, it is the place of our death.  No matter how many millions upon millions of dreams we might take unto ourselves for the purposes of exploration and investigation, it is a certainty that we will end up where we started off, for we started off nowhere, as no-one.  Wisdom itself is our destiny, for all was born of it.



As a final thought: you don’t have to understand what’s being written for it to have its effect.  The reality doesn’t need to understand anything in order to be the reality.  Regardless of the presence or absence of understanding, it is always the real.  Since we’re dealing exclusively with the reality – the very truth – and not with anything that is unreal or untrue, it doesn’t matter for our purposes whether the word-content is comprehended in the mind.  There is a current of intention that is carried through the form of the words themselves.  This website becomes more and more like a temple to Wisdom, and, as such, the work will be going on even as people spend time logged in here, looking at the pages.  Absorption is the number one method of coming into wisdom.  Nobody can create wisdom; nobody can generate it for themselves.  It is not a matter of how many ways you can string words together, what kind of grand philosophy you can espouse, but rather, one of how clearly and directly you can perceive the truth of things.  This is something that is taught by proxy and by no other method.  The knower of reality is himself the knowledge of reality; as such, he is the teacher of that knowledge.  His very being is the teaching.  We learn from the being of the master, not from the words that just happen to come out of his mouth in response to our queries.

If we were set on investigating the space in which the universe appears, it would be sheer folly to start with the things which appear in the space: rather, we would have to immediately go beyond the things that appear in the space and look directly to the space itself.  The same is true here.  We will not come into the direct apprehension of the reality by forming the best possible thesis, by collecting unto ourselves the best possible array of words and related concepts by which to frame our experiences; but, transcending experience entirely, and penetrating with our intuitive faculty the foundation and substance of this existence – this thing we call “life,” “self,” “world” – we will naturally fall further and further into the ever present, ever clear recognition of the immutable truth that is essential and absolute.  Again: no learning, training, development or evolution will take you to this.  All that can happen is that you lose the false ideas that are obscuring your natural, direct understanding.  We pray that such a thing might come about – for truly this is the height and wonder of this and all possible universes.


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